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Deanna Fierro challenges Jonathan Young for the Fourth District School Board seat

The Richmond Times-Dispatch surveyed people who are running for elected office in the City of Richmond. Deanna Fierro is challenging Jonathan Young for the 4th District seat on the Richmond School Board.  by Tamica Jean-Charles Sep. 19,2020 RTD


Rva:Dirt - mUNICIPAL Mania Episode 109

 4th District candidates Deanna Fierro for #RPSBoard and unopposed #RVACouncil incumbent Kristen Nye Larson to discuss their platforms and why they deserve your vote. RichmondRVACouncilRPSBoardRVAELECTION2020 WRIR 93.7


Women & Politics with Deanna Fierro – Part 2

Part two, Deanna Fierro joins host Carol Olson to talk about her focus on community politics, her background as a teacher, her focus on education, and her run for school board. Today we focus on issues arising from COVID-19 and it impacts the school year.


Women and Politics with Deanna Fierro – Part 1

Deanna Fierro joins host Carol Olson to talk about her focus on community politics, her background as a teacher, her focus on education, and her run for school board. Today is part 1 of her interview, tune in next week for part 2.

Editorial: The conversation continues with our Community Advisory Board

"The volunteer board initially agreed to a one-year term. But because of the unique challenges posed by COVID-19, most members have agreed to extend their service to the end of this year."  by Pamela Stallsmith July 4, 2020 Richmond Dispatch



"There's a lot of people that posted online saying that they knew families or are families that can't get t the locations...this is a concern that we worry about all year long, now it's just right in front of everybody's face." by Lia Tabackman, Matthew Fultz March 17, 2020 CBS 6 NEWS


Thousands expected at general assembly

"Teachers and advocates gathered at Studio Two Three Sunday to get ready for the 'Fund Our Future' rally Monday at Capitol Square." by Gabrielle Harmon January 26, 2020  CBS 6 NEWS




Parent, former teacher files federal complaint after RPS loses track of 800 students who don't speak English.  by Kelly Avellino July 16, 2019 NBC 12 NEWS


Community members to help lead Richmond's sCHOOL rEZONING pROCESS

"A group of two dozen people will help lead Richmond Public Schools through a districtwide rezoning process.  by Justin Mattingly May 20, 2019 Richmond Dispatch


Introducing our first-ever community advisory board

"The 12-member board represents a dynamic cross section of the Richmond region."  by Pamela Stallsmith August 24, 2019 Richmond Dispatch




"Teachers from across the state will gather Monday in Richmond's Monroe Park, tired of wages below the national average and with less money in their schools than 10 years ago, and march to the steps of the state Capitol."

by Justin Mattingly January 27, 2019 Richmond Dispatch



'We Need to Empower Voices'

Teachers welcome a Richmond School Board resolution affirming free speech for school staff, saying more protection is needed by Sarah King October 15, 2018 RVA Schools